Darling’s Fruits Sando

Fruit sando is fresh seasonal fruit sandwiched between cream and milk bread; it’s a classic Japanese dessert that emerged around the Taishō Era. I spent the past few weeks playing the Nil Admirai no Tenbin series and felt inspired to make some Taishō Era desserts.

Created as a way for Japanese civilians to be able to enjoy fruit (a luxury good at that time and today in some respects), fruits sando is a truly a dessert birthed thanks to modernity.

Milk/Cream Bread2 slices per sandwich
Chantilly Cream1 cup per sandwich
Your choice of fruitAprox. 5 pieces of sliced fruit per sandwich
  1. Lay out your bread slices, scoop half a cup of the chantilly cream (here is my recipe) onto it, and lay on your fruit and cover with another half cup onto the fruit.

2. Lay the second piece of bread on top and tightly wrap it in plastic wrap, making sure some of the chantilly cream overflows beyond the edges.

3. Place it into the fridge for 1 to 2 hours and remove when ready.

4. Slice off the crusts while the sandwich is still wrapped, this helps keep its shape.

5. Slice and serve!

I used strawberries, kiwi, and adzuki bean paste for my fruits sando, but feel free to replace with any fruit that’s seasonal in your part of the world!



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