Darling’s Tamagoyaki (Rolled Fried Egg)

Tamagoyaki. The infamously difficult sushi dish that looks beautiful no matter how you serve it.

The truth is anyone can make it! All you need is eggs and a few simple ingredients. You will need a rectangular tamagoyaki frying pan, but they’re very affordable and easily available online.

Disclaimer: Before I start, I want to clarify that my recipe is by NO MEANS an “authentic” recipe. I’m uncomfortable eating eggs that might be slightly undercooked (bad experiences with food poisoning), so my tamagoyaki is a little more fried than ones served in restaurants. I’m by no means a professional chef, and I mainly cook for my own enjoyment. Thank you for understanding!
Eggs2 large
Water1/4 cup
Oat/Dairy Milk1 tablespoon
Sugar1 tablespoon
Dashi powder1 tablespoon
OilOn the side for frying
  1. Crack your eggs into a measuring cup and mix all the ingredients (excluding the oil) together.

2. Put a little oil into a bowl/plate on the side, and put a little paper towel into it to use as a sponge for later. Next, heat up your oil in the pan on LOW HEAT (this will prevent the mixture from cooking too fast).

3. Pour in a little bit of the egg liquid mixture and fry until most of it is cooked. Once it’s a white-yellow color everywhere without too much runny liquid, use a spatula or chopsticks to “roll” it towards you.

4. Use the paper towel to coat the frying pan with oil again, and then pour in more of the mixture. Gently lift up the already-cooked egg roll to ensure the liquid goes underneath it.

5. Repeat the steps until all the egg mixture is used up.

6. When you’re done, feel free to flip and fry the edges of your egg block until the consistency you like. I always fry mine a little longer to ensure everything is cooked 100%.

7. Lay the tamagoyaki onto a bamboo rolling sheet, roll it up into a rectangle, and set it aside for an hour or two. Slice when it’s cooled and ready, or, wrap it up and store overnight!

I like to enjoy my tamagoyaki over rice with a little soy sauce, wasabi, and Japanese mayo! It’s also a great filling for onigiri or a simple work bento!

Let me know your thoughts!



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