Nil Admirai no Tenbin Macarons

There’s nothing more French than a macaron cookie. Two meringue cookies holding a delicate filling together, it’s as delicious as it cute. But they also have a reputation for being incredibly difficult to make. I’m not going to lie, it took me a few years to perfect my recipe, but I’ve finally put together a methodology that always works for me.

When I was playing Akira’s route in Nil Admirai no Tenbin, I was obsessed with his color palette, and I wanted to make matching macarons: chantilly cream macarons for Akira, blackberry jam macarons for Takashi.

If you’re intimidated by macarons, I recommend looking up macaronage technique videos on Youtube. Macaronage is the folding technique that gives macaron batter the perfect piping texture.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Macaron Shell IngredientsMeasurements
Egg whites4
Extra Fine Caster Sugar120g
Extra Fine Bleached Almond Flour150g
SaltA pinch
Powdered Sugar150G
  1. Preheat your oven to 300F and boil a pot of water, and once it comes to a boil, turn the stove heat down to a simmer.
  2. Pour your egg whites into the bowl you’ll be whipping them in, pour in the sugar and salt, and place the mixing bowl over the pot of boiling water and whisk the egg whites until the sugar and salt are melted and the egg whites are frothy. This is known as the Swiss Meringue technique, and it’s my personal favorite. I find it produces a more stable meringue.

3. Now take your egg white froth to either your stand mixer, or grab your hand mixer, and beat the egg whites at a high speed until you form solid stiff peaks (it will look like marshmallows and clouds!)

4. Mix your powdered sugar and almond flour together and sift it into the meringue. You MUST sift it, this helps prevent clumping, which can result in bumpy macarons.

5. Now, use the macaronage technique to mix the dry and wet ingredients. Essentially you want to fold everything together while stirring out just enough air from the batter. Again, I strongly recommend searching up some maraconage technique videos.

6. At this stage, you can use GEL FOOD COLORING (Liquid food coloring will ruin the consistency) to make colorful macaron shells.

7. Pour the batter into a piping bag and pipe them onto a silicon mat.

8. Let the macaron batter rest for an hour at room temp until a hard film develops on the shell.

9. Place the baking tray into the oven’s middle shelf. Seven minutes in, open the oven door for a minute and close the oven door, finishing baking for another 6 to 7 minutes.

After 14 to 16 minutes of baking!

10. Let the macaron shells rest for 30 minutes outside of the oven and they’ll be ready to fill! Use any type of filling you’d like, from ganache, chantilly cream, or jam.

Macarons are my favorite French pastry, and I’m so glad I can share it with you all!



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