Castella Cake [Nil Admirai no Tenbin]

One of Japan’s most famous cakes is the castella cake. When I played Nil Admirai no Tenbin, the castella cake kept making appearances in Rui’s route, and I had to make one for myself.

It’s an airy pound cake that goes great with tea, and it has the faintest floral flavor thanks to the meringue and egg mixture. As usual, I recommend testing out your oven to understand how the heat is distributed, that way you have an idea of how long you should bake the cake.

Spoiler warning, there will be the CG where I originally saw this cake at the very bottom of the post!

Have fun and let me know what you think of castella!

Egg Whites3
Egg Yolks8
Fine granulated sugar40g
Agave Nectar50g
SaltA pinch
Bread Flour (MUST be bread, not cake or regular) 70g
Cooking Oil SprayJust enough to coat the baking tin
Parchment PaperDepends on the baking tin
  1. Separate your egg whites and egg yolks, set the excess egg whites aside to either make meringues or macarons in the future.
3 egg whites
8 egg yolks

2. Beat the egg whites on a high speed and slowly pour in your sugar and salt. Beat until medium stiff peaks (it should resemble a cloud). Stop whipping the meringue to pour in the egg yolk and continue beating on medium high speed until the consistency is viscous.

3. After the egg yolks and meringue (beaten egg whites) are fully combined, pour in your agave nectar and honey while the mixture is beating on low medium. I recommend microwaving your agave and honey (mixed together) in the microwave for a few seconds just so it’s easier to pour.

5. Trace out the shape of your cake tin on the parchment paper and cut it accordingly. Spray your cake tin lightly with cooking oil so that the paper will stick to the tin. Pour in the cake batter.

Trace it from the bottom so you’ll get the accurate dimensions.
Test to make sure it fits before spraying the cooking oil.

6. Make sure to tap your castella cake batter against a flat surface to pop all the air bubbles. I also recommend using a toothpick or skewer to run it through the batter, that way you can get all the large air bubbles.

7. Pop it into the oven for 1 hour and 15 minutes at 160c (the time and temperature will depend on your oven!)

8. Remove it from the oven immediately, flip it upside down, and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap so the moisture holds. Place it into the fridge overnight, slice off the edges, and enjoy!

Castella cake can take a couple tries to perfect, but I highly recommend you try it!







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