ARTIST CREDIT: @lacygumii

I’m Darling, and I’m glad you’re here! ♡

I chose the name Darling because one of my best friends always called me ‘darling,’ and that always made me feel like a princess. And when I play otome games or watch shojo anime, I get the same feeling, so Darling felt like an appropriate name. ♡

By day I’m a writer, and by night I’m an amateur pâtissier (pastry chef), otome gamer, and shojo/josei animanga fan. If you found my site via Twitter, you’ve probably seen some of the desserts I’ve made (ie., Olympia Soiree cakes, Collar x Malice smoothies etc.).

DarlingBaby is a world full of grand romances, blooming flowers, heartfelt confessions, eyes glistening with tears, and princesses; it’s a world for princesses to be princesses.

So whether you’re an otome gamer, girls’ animanga fan, or a desserts lover, I hope you find your inner princess at DarlingBaby! ♡  

xo Darling