Q: Why the name Darling Baby?

One of my best friends has always called me Darling, and the name stuck!

Q: Who illustrated your images?

My friend Lacy drew everything excluding my logo! You can follow her work at @lacygumii.

Q: How long have you been baking desserts?

Approximately three years.

Q: Are you a culinary student or working towards a professional baking career?

Nope! I’m very fortunate to have a career that I love, and baking happens to be a hobby that brings me a great amount of joy ♡ .

Q: Will you be creating Youtube baking tutorials?

I’m considering it! I need to invest in a camera, but I want to make my recipes as easy to follow as possible.

Q: Are you sponsored by any companies?

Not right now!

Q: Where do you get your food inspo?

Otome games, shojo/josei manga, izakayas, French pastry chefs, and French cafe menus.

Q: How can I support you Darling?

I might be open to donations in the future, but for now, I appreciate all shares on social media!